e-Reg Features

e-Reg is a “regulation centric”, RegTech software as a service (SaaS). Financial regulation has been normalized and all e-Reg functionalities are based on this standardized regulation view. This enables simplicity and intuitiveness when working with regulation. A few minutes of hands-on demonstration allows you to quickly understand our “regulation-centric” approach.

Here are the main features:


Find information quickly in regulatory documents, thanks to the tool’s capabilities.

  • Search by keyword, filter, or reference in the regulation ;
  • Access regulations in several languages: whatever your search language, e-Reg offers different results in other languages if they do not exist in the language used. Switching from one language to another is managed intuitively ;
  • The search is always performed in the entire available content in e-Reg: in the regulations and your user group’s comments and working notes (private collaborative space).

Regulatory Context

e-Reg provides links to documents, additional reports, and the regulatory history for each search. This provides an overview of the regulations.

  • Easily navigate to all research-related documents ;
  • Have an overview of the regulations.


e-Reg allows you to add personal comments and remarks to the regulation, identify the colleagues affected by a regulation paragraph, assign responsibilities in project follow-up, share information, or receive reminders by email.

The decision history is displayed in the application: this avoids the situation where an analysis or a decision is only accessible in a colleague’s mailbox who’s on vacation! You know exactly where you stand at all times.

  • Comment on the regulation ;
  • Share comments ;
  • Work as a team on regulatory issues ;
  • Maintain and share information, access others’ information.
What are all the decisions we took when implementing FinSA?
What was the answer we received concerning art X when we asked about the special case Z?

Information Management

e-Reg allows users to comment on regulations in a private collaborative space.

  • Document key decisions ;
  • Add helpful information for colleagues, etc. ;
  • Keep track of crucial external information ;
  • Provide clear and accessible documentation on how the regulation is implemented.

Library of Regulations

A library of applicable regulations is at your disposal: everything is centralized and integrated into the collaboration and information management system.

  • The regulations are available in all languages (French, German, Italian, and English) ;
  • Have the current regulations on hand, with all the pertinent links.

Regulatory Change Management

With e-Reg’s change management process, tracking changes is controlled, seamless, and straightforward. It is also possible to subscribe to a regulatory change library (in addition to the change management process).

  • Access a continuously updated overview of current changes ;
  • Stay informed of regulatory changes ;
  • Keep track of changes with your dashboard and customizable reminders ;
  • Benefit from analyses on regulatory changes in Switzerland.

Search in Internal Policies and Documents

e-Reg also offers an optional feature:  integrate each bank’s own internal policies and procedures into the RegTech tool. This bank-specific data is stored in a secure and segregated environment.

By adopting this e-Reg module, users will :

  • have access to all the information they need for regulation management in one place, both internally and externally ;
  • improve their analysis and complete their working notes and comments directly in the tool ;
  • collaborate more comfortably on regulatory projects or consultations ;
  • Complete the regulation library with internal’s bank document.

To go further in understanding our RegTech solution, don’t hesitate to schedule a demonstration of the platform by making an appointment !