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e-Reg RegTech
e-Reg RegTech

e-Reg is a RegTech web application that simplifies and digitises regulatory work for banks, financial
institutions, law firms and consultancies in Switzerland. e-Reg simplifies everyday work with
regulations, making the vast amount of applicable regulations more transparent and understandable,
as well as streamlining the regulation implementation process.

regulatory compliance
Challenges facing the financial industry

Understanding applicable regulations and ensuring they are implemented adequately are essential tasks for financial institutions in Switzerland.

Working with regulation is challenging:

  • Increasing volume and complexity
  • Frequent changes to be implemented
  • Difficulty in seeing the big picture
  • Increased need for productivity
  • Increasing pressure on people with knowledge of regulations
  • Lack of a centralised repository
  • Cost of compliance is increasing
e-Reg helps you to address all the above issues every day

Find the right information

  • Challenges
    Swiss financial regulation is huge and complex. It takes a considerable amount of time to become fluent in all the in-scope laws, ordinances, FINMA circulars and self-regulation.

    Furthermore international regulations like the Basel standards and EU regulations can also apply. It is easy to miss relevant information hidden in a slightly unrelated regulation.
    Finding the right information quickly saves time and increases confidence in the analysis being performed.

  • e-Reg as a solution
    The e-Reg search feature efficiently finds the paragraph of the regulation you are looking for and provides context.
    To help understand the context of any regulatory paragraph, e-Reg shows any other paragraph referring to it (acts, ordinances, FINMA circulars, explanatory reports, …).
    Any comments left by another user are also searchable.

Increase productivity and reduce costs

  • Challenges
    Professionals working with regulations are required to manage and ensure compliance with a growing amount of regulation while keeping costs constant or even reducing them !
    Often regulation specialists have to answer many questions and are involved in too many projects that they cannot perform their own work.
    The contradictory constraints put a lot of pressure on regulation specialists increasing their stress and reducing efficiency.

  • e-Reg as a solution
    e-Reg has been designed to save time and increase efficiency at every step of the regulation life cycle. e-Reg:
    – provides an overview of the applicable changes;
    – enables collaboration on the implementation of changes;
    – provides a knowledge management solution to remember what was done and why;
    – enable quick access to the right regulation thanks to its unique search feature.

Manage regulatory changes and regulatory watch

  • Challenges
    Financial regulations keep changing. There are multiple regulation sources with different timelines. The same change can have multiple impacts. It is difficult to see the big picture. Very often, multiple stakeholders are involved, and coordination is needed. Upper management requires reporting on the implementation status and the overall situation.

  • e-Reg as a solution

    e-Reg supports you throughout the process of regulatory changes. Integrated workflow management allows you to allocate responsibility for change, track implementation, document all relevant questions to be addressed and generate reports. The collaboration features of e-Reg, allow users to collaborate asynchronously and gather inputs from all stakeholders.

Enable efficient collaboration between all involved parties

  • Challenges

    The scope of regulation is so broad that multiple expertise and specialisations are needed. Specialists need to work together to find solutions. It is important to have access to key decisions, analyses, or previous decisions. Often an organisation knows that it already had to decide on the interpretation of a regulation but cannot find the decision.

    An out-of-office regulatory expert can sometimes reduce productivity because some key information is unavailable.

  • e-Reg as a solution

    The collaboration features of e-Reg with the ability to add comments to regulations and changes and work with this information enable users to find information and share knowledge efficiently and quickly.

    The collaboration features of e-Reg can also be used to manage knowledge, store the organisation’s regulatory expertise as well as how it is implemented. This knowledge repository can be used to train new joiners and manage absent specialists.


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e-Reg Benefits

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    Increase compliance with applicable regulations

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    Increase regulatory knowledge

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    Facilitate collaboration on regulatory changes

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    Reduce the time staff spend on maintaining the regulatory framework

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    Reduce the risk of audit recommendations

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    Reduce the cost of implementing new regulations

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    Digitalise regulatory work