About Us


The goal of easyReg is to save time for those who work with regulations every day and simplify regulations. That is why easyReg develops innovative software to facilitate working with the regulations, whether during the initial implementation, keeping up with regulations, or everyday work with regulations.

This ambition gave birth to e-Reg, which simplifies and digitizes working with financial regulations in Switzerland.

a RegTech, Software-as-a-service(SaaS) allows you to:

  • Save time every day with all regulatory-related tasks
  • Save money
  • Improve your regulatory compliance

This is all possible thanks to an intuitive digital tool that facilitates your daily work.


The idea of e-Reg was born when we saw how difficult it was to work efficiently with regulations. What bothered us the most was the time wasted searching for information that we knew existed but didn’t know where to find (in which regulation? in which explanation? in which email?).

The lack of a comprehensive overview showing the links between various regulatory documents also unnecessarily increases the complexity of the task.

These difficulties make life needlessly difficult for professionals working with regulations, generate costs and work delays, and increase the potential for error.

Solutions Proposed by

e-Reg is a regulation-centric tool that understands the structure of regulation. This allows for efficient searches, highlighting links between regulations, and intuitive navigation. The tool allows the storage of regulatory knowledge and enables efficient collaboration. It also shows an overview of current changes.


  • Increase compliance with applicable regulations
  • Reduce the time spent by employees in maintaining the regulatory framework
  • Save time every day when working with regulations
  • Reduce the cost of implementing new regulations
  • Reduce the risk of audit recommendations


Our daily work is guided by the following four values:
  • Simplicity

    Simplifying your daily work is the motivation at the heart of easyReg’s ambitions. Thanks to a practical and easy-to-use tool, we want to make regulations easier to access and understand to ease your daily workload.

  • Customer

    easyReg listens to its users. You benefit from personalized service and continual contact with our teams. We are always ready to adapt to your needs.

  • Innovation

    easyReg wants to go beyond what already exists on the market by offering an application that:
    – Offers unprecedented possibilities for regulatory collaboration
    – Makes information sharing easier
    – Understands the regulatory framework
    We aim for continuous improvement and efficiency, both for us and your teams.

  • Environmental

    easyReg listens to its users. You benefit from personalized service and continual contact with our teams. We are always ready to adapt to your needs.

Our Founder

Enrico Giacoletto founded easyReg due to his daily frustrations working with regulations in a big 4. He realized that these difficulties were widespread in the industry and increasing volumes of regulations would only worsen this situation. For all these reasons, he created e-Reg, the 2.0 tool to work with regulation.